8 Tips on End of Lease Cleaning To Guarantee 100% Bond Back

8 Tips on End of Lease Cleaning To Guarantee 100% Bond Back

Moving out of your rented property, already booked in a Gold Coast removalist and want your security bond back? You are required to hand over the property to the agent/owner in the same state in which it is handed over to you when you moved in. Because of this reason you have to clean the property to the best of your capability to match the standards put in place by your landlord. This is referred to as End of lease cleaning and if you fail to meet the standard set, you might not get your bond back in full. To avoid any such circumstances make sure that the property is cleaned thoroughly to meet the standards set by your landlord. Here are 8 important end of lease cleaning tips to clean your property, prepare it for inspection and automatically get your bond returned.

Move-In Inspection

When you first move into a rental property, a proper inspection should be done. Observe closely at all windows, walls, ceilings, and carpets and take the photograph of any areas of the property that is unclean or already damaged.

Record these in the Property Condition Report as well as the supporting photographs and present formally with your property manager. When inspecting the property, this report will be used by your agent as a reference in determining what was a pre-existing issue? In which you will not be held liable.

Start With a Checklist

During the inspection, agents go through the Property Condition Report; you can use this as a guide to come up with your own checklist or create/design your own checklist by downloading a professional End of Lease Cleaning Checklist. Most especially, take account of any parts that have been stained or need repair.

Clean the Windows

A simple means to make your property appear fresh is by enabling light to flood via crystal clear windows. Be cautious to clean all smudge marks by utilizing window cleaning products with dry, clean newspaper or microfiber cloths! Focus on cleaning dirt from inside the frames and wipe clean the sills. Do not fail to remember to dust the fly screens too.

Clean the Carpets

With everyday depreciation, flooring and carpets take the most abuse. Give the carpets a refresh by having it efficiently steam cleaned. Why? Vacuuming and spot cleaning stains as they appear will assist in preventing long-term damage. Nevertheless, only expert cleaners can assure a deep clean, and can often extract residing stains and dirt.

In many instances, your agent will want you to provide a receipt for professional carpet steam cleaning. It is best to confirm with your agent if this is a Bond Return requirement.

Wash the Walls

Wall cleaning will enhance the general outlook of your property and is highly recommended as an assignment on your checklist. Making use of a microfiber-head mop, dip into a bucket of sugar soap and warm water. Work from left to right, up and down the wall in a ‘W’ motion. For grease spills, simply rub white chalk over the part which absorbs the resin, then dust clean with a microfiber cloth.

Fix or Clean Light Fittings and Fixtures

Areas frequently overlooked during an end-of-lease cleaning are the fixtures and fittings, including light bulbs, fans, ceiling and light switches. Agents also concentrate on these areas, so always make sure all are in good working condition, have been carefully removed to clean, and the right product is used to polish taps and door handles.

Do Not Forget To Clean Outside

If your property has an outdoor entertaining area or a yard, make sure to remove prune plants, weeds, and mow the lawn prior to the inspection. First impressions matter, therefore, if your property is appearing weathered before the agent walks inside, they will already doubt the internal condition.

Leave It to the Professionals

If this sounds too scary or you just do not have time, hire a reputable cleaning specialist. Many offer bonds back guarantees a situation whereby the cleaners will return (free) to repair any areas that the agent did not pass. Make sure the cleaning professional to be hired clearly outline their policies and have an insurance policy for guaranteeing the service.

These are some basic end of lease cleaning guidelines that every tenant should keep in mind before vacating their lease property.